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9/1 - Full Wipe

Sup folks!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our map vote. Unfortunately, the procgen was changed with this patch, so despite configuring the winning map (size 3000 seed 484), the resulting map is not the same as what was voted for. In either case, it is workable! Once adapts to the new procgen, I will modify our map page accordingly and remove the warning.

We peaked our pop at 98 today with 3 connecting, and sustained a pop exceeding 70 for 8 consecutive hours; not bad! 250 unique steam accounts connected since wipe.

[US EAST] RustOrBust.Org- 9/1 FULL Wipe-Vanilla/Stats/KillFeed/ [rust] Rust

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As always, thanks to our donors for helping keep this server afloat!

Day 1 kills leaderboard:

Captain Underbite: 68

A Friendly Blitzcrank: 40

PoolPartyMundo: 40

L A R G E: 29


kxt: 26


Drowning Leaderboard:


Apex_f1uffy: 2


Deaths to cold:

DrNick: 3


Hope to see you all on tomorrow!