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deja vu? Yet another new host

Sorry to do this to you guys twice in a week, but ImpactVPS's response to the server's crash yesterday left me complete faith that would not be a freak occurrence. In the words of their support, our VPS instance was using "more than 50% of its CPU power. CPU intensive tasks are a violation of the ImpactVPS TOS ", which is the most hilariously sketchy list of forbidden processes I have ever seen.

Because of their reply, I immediately began the process of moving the server to our new host, Linode . Linode is more expensive than ImpactVPS, but offers excellent monitoring and support, scores highly on VPS benchmarks, is leveraged frequently for hosting gameservers, and has a much less cryptic TOS which guarantees 99.9% uptime.

Just as with our last move, I was able to migrate all wipe data (player data and map), so nothing was lost in the move.

Thanks a lot for your patience! Please be diligent in reporting issues - knowing the exact time an issue occurred and getting a description of what happened can be enormously helpful. If your ping is 1,200 and you're having trouble opening doors, that's on your end! If not, (as was the case with the previous server), I know there is a performance issue with the new host.

You guys rock! These moves cost a fortune, but hopefully this will end with us having a far more stable host to stick with long term.


First day on the new host seems to have gone excellent! No more of the loot table issues, glitchy doors, plethora of other issues that came with the previous host. Pop peaked at 46 today, and the server didn't break a sweat.