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Group Limit


Hey Stinky,

First and foremost, thanks for the feedback! We really appreciate any community feedback we can get.

I attempted to enforce this rule in the past, but found it to be entirely unenforceable as there is no easy way to define what a "group" is. People would simply maintain separate bases, but pool resources. Also "groups" can be a very liquid thing - sometimes people who function autonomously will collaborate to raid a common enemy; this is behavior I support! Without a static, concrete definition for these groups, it was impossible for me to enforce this rule (very similar to my "no griefing" rule - VERY difficult to define, and in turn impossible to enforce). Instead, I hope to see folks on the server collaborate to eradicate toxic folks (like this wipe, I noticed VOLT had a group of 5 or so that was being fairly toxic, and a group of people collaborated to raid him off the server).

I hope you can understand my stance on this! I found that everyone has a better experience when I only have & enforce rules that are easy to define.