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Our "no griefing" rule - is fair enforcement even possible?

Hey all,

We are weighing options with regards to our "no griefing" rule. As it currently sits, it was a nice thought, but it is extremely challenging to enforce. We are finding that the grey areas surrounding this rule and its enforcement are responsible for the vast majority of complaints regarding our server and its administrative staff. We are currently leaning towards pulling the rule in its entirety - but I figured before that could be done, I should give you all a chance to weigh in!

Here is an example of one situation that came up recently: Team 1 placed a quarry immediately outside their (Team 1's) base - maybe 100 meters. Team 2 came by and placed tool cupboards, walled it off, and even went as far as to comply with our takeover rule and build a metal base, complete with functional exits, sleeping bags, and building privilege.  Sometime shortly thereafter an unknown 3rd party (possibly a member of Team 1 or Team 2, who knows!)  fully blocked the exit. Well, how does one go about enforcing this? Team 1 placed the quarry, and had the growth of their base impeded by these obstructions. Team 2 obviously put in the effort to ensure they were in compliance with my rule, however when I arrived to inspect they technically weren't in compliance due to their exit being blocked. In short, no matter what we decide we have wronged someone, and altered the power struggle that makes Rust great!

We decided this rule should be a cornerstone of our server on day 1 to allow noobs to get settled without being effortlessly wiped off the map by an established player with a few thousand wood and stone. Unfortunately this seems increasingly to be a very PG approach on a server we wanted to be closer to rated R!

I am open to all opinions, potential amendments, or all out abolishing this rule.

Feel free to weigh in!


This rule takes away from a lot of the opportunistic plays that can be made in Rust.

Griefing a base that has been made right outside of yours (or within your typical resource-gathering range) is territory control, not being an asshole.  The ONLY reason to disallow griefing is to preserve player pop (and if you have to have care bear rules in place to hold pop, there's other issues that need to be addressed.)

The world of Rust is a cold, dark, hateful place.  That's simply what the community has made it.  Griefing bases is part of the game.  Part of progress.  Even part of the fun.

Get rid of the rule.  Eventually you have to take the pacifier from the baby and let them learn how to deal without on their own.  This is one of those situations.

Exactly, I am finding that I don't get called in to degrief when some noob got cleaned out by an asshole with a few thousand wood, and far more when a very powerful team does something stupid or easily avoidable (I NEVER would place a quarry without mats to secure at, normally with the walls, high door, code lock, and TCs crafted and waiting).  I do understand the argument that this fit the criteria of the rule, but am saddened by the outcome.

Barring an extremely well-worded plea to keep the rule that somehow comes with an enthusiastic blowjob, this rule will be going away at the wipe.