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Quick wipe 7/4 - 7/7

Due to low pop, it has been requested that I wipe the map at noon on Monday 7/4. Major bases have been cleaned out to an extent that there is little to no remaining competition.

Sorry for the late notice! Hopefully we can get some new faces on board before XP is released Thursday!

oh yeah, them big laggy bases have been demo'd :)   , we gonna try exp system until its release?


May we go ahead and wipe before noon,   literally no one on, and the ones hopping in and out are all ready.


Hey Dabbz!

Sorry we were closer to 1:00pm EST on the wipe. Got er done though!

It would take major effort to convert the server to prerelease for the 3 days until patch day, so unfortunately I am going to leave it as the main branch until then.

One last grand!