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Vote -Full wipe, Map wipe, or Nope?!

Alright, the time has come- our pop has flatlined. The way I see it we have 3 options:

  • FUCK OFF: Do jack shit! This is still fun, even with limited pop.
  • MAP WIPE: Historically these didn't work at all, however Cobraland was able to pull it off yesterday. No idea how, nor does it make sense that this would increase pop, but I'm not willing to rule it out. Its worth mention that of the small percentage of servers that attempted a map only wipe, they seem to be the only ones I can find who saw a pop increase.
  • FULL WIPE: The dreaded words. In nearly every case I monitored, this resulted in a massive pop increase. Check out The Node - they have incredibly similar pop patterns to us! Check out Bloodbane - though admittedly they had a significantly higher base pop. This is the only "sure thing" we have for a pop increase.

I leave this decision in your capable hands. A vote is in the sidebar.


There are times where "I told you so" just doesn't do the feels justice.

I hate to see that the pop tanked so abruptly but it's not like you weren't forewarned by several members of the community and several multi-thousand hour rust players speaking from prior experience.

Dug your own grave man.

In my opinion, you should leave things as-is for now.  Full wipe with the forced monthly wipe on 8/4.  Change up the server name/description to be more appealing.  Drop the anti-griefing rule.  Remove "active non-playing admins" if you are playing (even on smurf accounts.  You were playing at the beginning of the month while still advertising this; don't expect it to have changed.)  "No racism" is along the lines of having "no homophobic slurs"; it's ideal that they aren't present on your server but regardless of the rule, they're still going to get used and you're not going to catch them all.

Not sure if it's currently there, but I would be sure to include "No exploits.  In-rock bases will be removed and those found taking advantage of exploits will be banned." or similar.

edit:  Geeze.  Looking at your /r/playrustservers post, there was a full wipe on 7/22.  I assumed your post/poll at 2AM of the 22nd wouldn't be in regards to a wipe THAT DAY.  I'd expect every player in my server to leave if I jerked the rug out from under them that fast.  You want to preserve population more than you respect the time put into your server by players; players notice that.  I'd suggest moving to a modded server style if you foresee yourself wiping every week (as you have done in July,)  There is currently a large need/desire for minimally modified servers with a 2x gather/1.5x xp/no teleport.

Thanks for weighing in, Bobby! Wish you had been around before to see this is actually consistent pop patterns with what we saw in May and June. I wish we magically could have hung on to the full 200 pop we had on xp patch day, but our previous record before that was 78..

No Griefing rule will be going away, and I did get plenty of feedback on my wipe /no wipe poll here (decision was very easy when our pop averages leading up to that was 2 over the previous 48 hours). In the future, I was tossing around the idea of fixed monthly full wipes ( first thursday of the month) with a pop vote weekly (yes, with more that 10 hours for the pop to respond). That way pop can expect to make the judgement call surrounding this themselves.

As always, thanks for your input! We really don't get much feedback on here. Any is helpful!



I should add, I am not a graphics designer but am open to mixing up the name layout (kinda married to " as a brand, but nothing else is sacred). Got suggestions for the name string itself? It description?

Just saying, I miss seeing the ta ta's signing in, also, I'm not sure about that guys previous post but keep the no racism thing rolling, that stuff isn't needed anywhere. it is auto and they can get around but at least people know you will bust them up if seen..

Hey Dabbz!

Not liking the fancy custom boobies logo? It, along with the new theme on the site, we're donated by user "Dizlexic". Unfortunately the old tata's were pirated haha.

Currently planning on keeping the no-racism bot, and ditching the no-griefing rule