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Wrong Connection Protocol: Server update required

Just tried to log on to the "noobswelcome" server and was met with this message. 



Is this something I can fix on my end or is it only solvable by the server?

Looks like that server must have not got the second update yesterday, I will get that taken care of. Thanks a ton for reporting!

I know the patch just dropped so you might still be working on it, just a heads-up, I'm getting the same error again after patch 124.

Also, will this server be getting a wipe today/soon? Everyone is saying something different in chat.

[EDIT] Just realized you were likely referring to the Noob Friendly server! That was updated roughly 1 hour after the patch was released; sorry for the inconvenience!m [/EDIT]


The server was already updated to the current version when you posted this! Sometimes you need to fully close and reopen Steam to prompt the client patch installation.

The next wipe will be September 1st 2016; this will be a FULL wipe (map and XP). I will start the pre-wipe festivities around 11:00am EST (I believe this time I will be hosting a tower building competition). Once the server patch drops (generally 15-45 minutes ahead of the client patch) I will be taking the server offline for roughly 20 minutes instead of the usual 5-10 for the purpose of doubling its resources; I will be sending an email newsletter, posting on /r/playrustservers , and blasting everyone friends with my steam account to try and get as many people on as possible!

Please do invite your friends, family, and what the hell - even your enemies to join in the mayhem!