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Server needs to Update?

Left the server about 30 minutes ago, now i cant reconnect due to a EAC error, when I launched Rust this time it now has Direct X12 as an option (Dont use it its bugged to hell) I think the server might need to do a quick restart to add that update.

Update: Looks like its Easy Anti Cheat that needs to update, not the server.

I'm still getting that error. I was able to log into another server with no problem. Is it server side?

Hey folks,

Thanks for reaching out and reporting this!

Spoke with Alistar around 11:30am EST; he confirmed an issue effecting EAC for Linux-based rust servers (aka us). Issue was marked as resolved at 12:01, last failed connection due to EAC I am seeing is at 11:51 EST.

Should be good to go!