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So, what exactly is griefing?

One of our few rules: No griefing!

The exact definition of this rule has become the topic of discussion a few times, so I figured the time was right to provide a more specific description!

What is griefing? Griefing is rendering a base uninhabitable without the immediate intention to take the base as your own.

Examples of griefing include:

  • Completely walling off a base, blocking exits etc
  • Gaining tool cupboard authorization and fully walling it off

Examples of taking a base as your own include:

  • Converting a base into a chopper tower
  • Using a base as a resource base or similar - functional exits, a sleeping bag, and building authorization are required.

How will this be enforced?

  • Reported instances of griefing will be analyzed by admins by request. If we determine there to be griefing (yes, we can tell who placed items, has authorization, etc!), we may de-grief (Admins deleting walls, cupboards, etc to undo the immediate damage from an incident of griefing)
  • Repeat / Excessive / Dishonest offenders may be kicked at admin discretion.

Thanks for time to read through this nonsense!



Just an update - this rule has been removed!