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XP or Blueprints?

I thought this was interesting: .Personally, I feel like the XP system has great potential, but they need to find a mechanism to help keep it from being so "grindy". The predictability of the XP system is convenient, but it certainly lacks mystery and excitement compared to the BP system.

yooo, long time no see :) , should think about modding up the ratios, especially with the griefing being allowed, I see the pop on 2x and 3x in the 50's and then 5x to 10x in the 100's, this seems what everyone wants until the kinks are worked out, try it for a while then switch if ya don't like,  better than the pop staying goosed my friend.

Hey Dabbz,

Unless I am missing something, gather rates cannot be altered without sacrificing our "Vanilla" status by installing Oxide Mod. I am not fundamentally against this, as long as it brings people in I am all for it! But I did not have time to test the install of Oxide on my test server before today's wipe :( I will throw it at my test server and see if I can get it functioning how I'd like; if I can then I would be open to putting it up to vote!